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Attorney-In-The-Loop  :
AI Augmented Technology Transactions Legal Services 


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As an experienced technology transactions lawyer, I recognize that analytical tasks like contract reviews can be time-consuming for both my firm and my clients’ in-house legal teams. 


That’s why I created the Attorney-in-the-Loop(sm): bespoke AI Augmented legal services.  Working with my clients I create custom generative AI tools to automate repetitive or time consuming processes, so that I can provide expert legal advice more efficiently and effectively for my clients.


A few examples of how the Attorney-in-the-Loop service can augment my legal services include:

- Streamlined review of NDAs against company policies 

-  Drafting internal contract summaries in a standardized format 

- Generating a risk and compliance chart of specified open source code included in a project 

- Analyzing third party EULAs/Terms of a service against internal requirements 

There are many more applications!

Contact me for a free consultation to explore if this service could work for you.

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